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Sell Quickly While Paying NO Sales Commission

Here's how ‘Listed Next’ can Save You Thousands

When you’re thinking of selling your home, the phrase ‘six percent’ can feel like an anchor around your neck. That’s the percentage of the sales price most homeowners pay in realtor fees. A $300,000 sale means you pay as much as $18,000 in commissions – a hit to your bottom line that could be cash in your pocket.

You’re probably also steeling yourself for weeks of inconvenient showings, waiting for offers, and stressful negotiations between agents.

But advancing technology and a well-established online real estate market means the game has changed: you can now quickly sell your home for top dollar with less hassle and best of all – keep those thousands of dollars agents collect.

It’s all possible through a free online service called Listed Next. Here’s how we’ve made selling your home simpler and more profitable than ever:

1) Experienced Listed Next professionals establish a price for your home  Our team scours your area for recent sales of comparable properties. We look at similar square footage, lot size, number of beds and baths, special features, age, overall condition, school district, commute times, shopping opportunities, nearby hospitals, public safety facilities, and many other criteria that help us ascertain the most accurate comps.  Our algorithms predict the price range at which you can expect legitimate offers with a high level of certainty.  Of course, we always price a bit higher so there is room for negotiation.  This service costs you nothing.  Click here to receive a free evaluation of your home

2) We prep an incredible online display with professional photography, virtual tours, drone video, and more Virtually all buyers today add or eliminate homes based on what they see online. Discriminating buyers also expect to view every room, closet, and corner of your property from all angles.  Your home needs to stand out from the competition and look its absolute best to attract serious buyers ready to make an offer. We provide staging advice, professional photography services, 3D virtual tours, and drone videos for full coverage of your property at its most attractive! 

3) We list you on the MLS and all major sites such as Zillow and Redfin  Since Listed Next is a licensed real estate broker, we have immediate, 24/7 access to the MLS and major sites.  It is easy for us to get your home national and even international visibility, and costs you nothing.

Our experienced designers know how to present your property effectively with perfectly key-worded descriptions and strategically-arrayed photos, videos and virtual tours that show off your home beautifully. We also display your property on our favorite social media sites and in messages to all realtors in your area.

We will feature your property on the top local and national real estate websites within 24 hours of completing our onsite production work.  You get maximum, professionally-produced exposure very quickly at no cost to you.

4) Our “Full Concierge” service means qualified buyers, fewer ‘lookers’ and a faster sale We handle all inquiries about your home and manage all incoming offers while keeping you fully informed.  All our team members are real estate professionals who have at least ten years’ experience negotiating transactions for buyers, sellers and builders – commercial and residential.

We screen the inquiries about your property for serious, pre-qualified buyers who have viewed the full online walkthrough and have had their questions answered. We save you the inconvenience and stress of dealing with ‘lowball’ offers, ‘just looking’ home tourists, multiple open houses, and less-than-qualified buyers. We make sure each contact knows your property, is seriously interested and is qualified to buy.

Maximum Price in Less Time

Maximum exposure and efficient service are the keys to selling at the highest possible price.  We feature your home all over the country and the world on the sites where buyers and investors are searching for opportunities.  Combine this market savvy with expert pricing and professionally-designed online display, and you have a winning combination that attracts qualified buyers who understand the need to act quickly in today’s fast-moving market.

With Listed Next, you can expect multiple offers within a week of debuting online.  It is not uncommon to have as many as ten or more offers after listing for just two weeks.  With buyers literally everywhere, the market is enormous.

We Advise, Negotiate and Stay With You Every Step of the Way

You need and expect personal service in the complex world of real estate transactions.  Every situation is unique! That’s why we focus on constant communication with you throughout the process – answering your questions, handling any concerns, getting feedback from potential buyers, apprising and advising you during negotiations, and more.  We are always available in person, by phone, or email. Our Philadelphia-based team delivers personal service that’s just as effective and reassuring as a traditional agent offers – but we won’t charge a commission!

30-day Closing and Access to Equity

If you need a quick sale, we can identify investors interested in buying immediately without an in-person walk-through.  However, getting the highest offer and the most cash at closing means giving the market at least a few weeks to arrive at a maximum price.

After you’ve chosen the best offer, we offer closing options that can happen in less than 30 days.

If you need your equity to help you buy a new home — but also want to give the market time to maximize the value of your current home — we have ‘bridge’ options that can help you with down payments and other needs while you consider offers or wait for your home sale to close.

What does ‘Listed Next’ charge?

Listed Next charges a flat fee of $1,000-$5,000 paid at closing only if the home sells.  The exact amount is based on how much assistance you need and we will provide you with several options.  Our goal is to help save you money so you get the best return on the sale of your house.  There are no upfront costs.  If you change your mind about selling, there are no fees and you can keep all of the photography we provide to you free of charge. 

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